Dear Esteemed Customer,

We hope you’re reading this in good health

First of all, our immense gratitude goes out to you for allowing us to partner with you on this journey to build you and your family the home of your dreams. Signatoria Heights is another bespoke signature project under our Signatoria brand inside Osborne Foreshore II Estate that we have gone above and beyond on Luxury Real Estate, to give you an unbeatable edifice. Just like its predecessors, Signatoria I & II, Signatoria Heights is set to command attention and leave onlookers in awe of its luxurious aesthetics and detailed finishing.

Whether you keyed into this project for personal use or as part of your investment strategy, we are happy to let you know that you have made the right decision for yourself and your family.

So far, the construction work at the Signatoria Heights Project is picking up quickly, thanks to your support. We have completed piling work on the project and have since moved to the excavation of pile caps and ground floor slabs which are currently in progress. Leveraging your unwavering support, and our successes on the project thus far, we are confident that we will navigate through the other project milestones within reasonable timelines. Kindly refer to details regarding the di­fferent project stages and relevant delivery timelines in the subsequent page.

However, getting to this stage of the project has not come without its own unique challenges. The truth is that it hasn’t been a smooth ride. Executing a project of this magnitude that has the sole aim of meeting your expectations and even pushing it to new heights, needs sufficient funding. We totally understand that the economic terrain has really lacked stability recently and this has inevitably affected everyone. On our part, we will continue to do all we can, to ensure constant project development and timely delivery.

This is also why we’re encouraging you to kindly ensure that you continue to support us. Trust us when we say that the sacrifice or pain of bracing the odds to invest in real estate is nothing, compared to the joy and celebration that comes with getting to the finish line. As we continue to plow in our resources towards ensuring that we develop an unmatched edifice, we ask that you support us. Our biggest pride is seeing you happy at the end of the partnership on Signatoria Heights.

Kindly contact your Account Manager immediately to discuss any issues (whether non-payment or alternative options). Also, our Client Service Team will be on standby to provide clarity on anything stated in this newsletter. If you require additional information regarding this project, including a site visit, you can arrange with this team by sending an email to or calling 08149573602 from Monday – Friday, between 8 am – 5 pm, or on Saturdays between 9 am – 1 pm.

Thank you for your usual support, till we write you again, please continue to stay safe.