Dear Esteemed Customer, 

We trust you’re reading this in good health. 

It’s February – the second month of the year and a crucial time to make cogent financial money decisions. Our profound appreciation goes to you, for having crossed paths with us in one way or the other – Which explains why you’re receiving this mail. We also want to appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this important piece that may end up tweaking some of your financial decisions for the year 2022, just a little bit. 

Without taking much of your time, let’s get right to it. 

As a visionary real estate group, we have continued to develop some of Ikoyi’s most iconic and extremely majestic properties. We have diligently designed and delicately delivered one iconic Luxury Homes in ikoyi after the other. We also have put structures in place to ensure that for every single project that an investor keys into, they would forever be grateful that they did, and even long after they’re gone, their great-grandkids would forever say “Thank You!” 

Now, why are you reading this? 

There’s the saying that the quality of every financial decision is judged by its long-term results. We know that portfolio diversification is the recommended approach for every investor; however, if luxury real estate isn’t taking the bulk of your portfolio allocations, then this is the point where we would say that your portfolio may need a real restructuring. “Is Foreshore telling me to invest in real estate over the money market and any other investment option on my books?”   


You’re absolutely correct! Riverside Duplexes in Banana Island for instance is one real estate option that has been specifically designed to help you increase your net worth through an ever-appreciating ROI. IME Heights? Delivered to add an additional 20% -30% to your annual revenue from value appreciation. Signatoria Court, the king of mainland luxury gives you one of the most flexible payment plans you’ll find in Lagos. 


We’re not mincing words when we say that all our projects are intentionally designed to help you as an investor enjoy guaranteed lifetime returns. 


Okay, so what Are Some of the Best Offers to Key into, this month? 

Table of Foreshore Offers, prices, and phone numbers. 


Residential Highlights 

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Project Update 

Foreshore Towers: As part of the journey to developing Foreshore Towers into a prestigious enclave with magnificent aesthetics Luxury Real Estate and 21st-century state-of-art amenities, our team of professionals is taking their time to plan and complete preliminary site processes before moving into project development works proper. 

Kindly refer to the table below for details on the delivery timeline. 




Signatoria II: We’re glad to tell you that Construction work on Signatoria II has continued to progress as we develop an aesthetically sophisticated masterpiece. At Block A, we have completed ground floor columns, first-floor slab, and first-floor columns while second-floor slab formwork is ongoing. Likewise, at Block B, we have completed the piling and the piling cap while work is ongoing in the second-floor column. 

Kindly refer to the table below for details on the delivery timeline. 




Acacia Heights: Acacia Heights requires over-the-top technical expertise, first-degree meticulousness, and absolute attention to detail. Those qualities and more, are our standard operating procedures used for the development of this project. After completing the shore protection, soil test, and other preliminary site set-out activities, proper construction work would start in earnest. 

Kindly refer to the table below for details on the delivery timeline 




IME Heights: No stone has been left unturned on this project, as we have spared no resource in the development of this masterpiece. We spent the whole of January putting measures in place to fast-track the project construction process. That said, we are excited to share the output with you. Oh, and we have now completed all the site preparatory works. 

Kindly refer to the table below for details on the delivery timeline 





We’ll like to remind you that all our projects come with state-of-the-art 21st Century amenities that make your living super comfortable, and your lifestyle, ultra-contemporary.  

We’re encouraging you to join us as we continue to open investment goldmines to you and other investors, in these unstable economic times. With Luxury real estate, the gains at the end always outweigh the sacrifice. We hope that you make astounding investment decisions in Q1 2022 and that things continue to get better for you, for the rest of the year. 


For clarifications and questions, please email clientservices@foreshorewaters.com or call 08149573602. 

Thank you so much once again for your time 



Kind Regards, 


Boma Assah Tim Iyoha 

Sales Business Director Head, Client Service 

Foreshore Waters 

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