How Adaora Earned 40 Million Naira In Just 2 Years!

‘’Two years ago, I invested in Riverside Apartments. I bought a home for N80M and sold it this year for N120M. How can you beat a risk-free investment that yields N40M in just 2 years?’’ 

Adaora E. 

Real Estate Investor 


In a study by Researchgate on the average total returns on residential properties in Lagos, ROI ranged between 7.93% to 12.68%. Investors hardly got an ROI offer of 15%, especially in Ikoyi, Oniru, Osborne, Lekki, and other parts of the Island. 


The current inflation and devaluation of the naira have created an ROI gap for both new and returning real estate investors. As property value continues to rise at an alarming rate, a lot of developers are either reducing construction quality or forcing their homebuyers to cough up new sums on their reviewed prices.  


However, in all of this, Foreshore Waters has continuously raised the bar higher by offering up to 20% annual return on investment. Beyond that, savvy homebuyers are also taking advantage of our offerings to enjoy maximum benefits on their real estate investment, and smile to the bank.  

Adaora is one of the many investors who have reaped jaw-dropping returns on their investment with us. Two years ago, “Ada of Ikoyi”, as we fondly call her, bought one of our luxury homes – the Riverside Apartment. Though sceptical about her decision at the beginning, she made a wise and rewarding decision. She purchased her home for N80M and in 2 years, sold it for N120M – earning N40M. Talk about great deals! 

Riverside Apartment located at Banana-Island Road is one of the most ambitious real estate development projects in the city of Lagos. It is nestled in an upscale neighborhood with the most modern amenities, enticing landscapes, and custom-built luxury pieces.  

As more people relocate towards Banana Island Road, and as demand continues to increase, now is a great time to invest in a legacy with the potential to set you up for a lifetime of returns – a home by Foreshore Waters. 

We offer our customers the choice of buying off-plan at about 5% – 7% below the market entry prices. Our homes appreciate at an annual rate of 20% to 30%. Whether you are looking to yield returns from rental income or short-letting, Foreshore Waters is a very lucrative option. 

What is a good ROI for real estate investment? The answer is Foreshore Waters. 

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