Dear Esteemed Customer,

We trust you’re reading this in good health.

Our biggest joy and excitement at the moment is being able to partner with you to deliver a majestic state-of-the-art edifice; the tallest, and most celebrated residential property on Banana Island Road, Ikoyi. We’re glad you chose us to work with you when you thought of a timeless legacy. We envisage that your coming generations will continue to enjoy this unmatched edifice and say “Thank You” for your selfless and visionary move.

Since we announced the Riverside Apartments project and subsequently completed Blocks A and B, we have received tons of commendation from di­fferent stakeholders including homeowners and investors who keyed into the project.

Whilst the completed Blocks A and B attest to the beauty being developed at the Riverside Apartments, Blocks C and D are a work in progress. In Block C, floors have been completed while internal plastering, internal and external screeding, window installations, and finishes to common areas are ongoing. Conversely, work in Block D is right on course as we seek to round off­ the slab on the fourth floor. We remain determined to deliver a superbly remarkable project and we are not backing down – please refer to the next page for details regarding the next project milestones and delivery timelines.

We think this is a safe point to say that these accomplishments haven’t come without huge challenges. We have even recorded some losses along the way, due to circumstances beyond our control. The procurement terrain has been made extremely tricky by the current economic instability. These have threatened to affect the successful development and completion of our esteemed project. However, we’re determined to go all out to deliver a legacy that you, your family, and coming generations, can be totally proud of.

To this end, we want to appreciate you if you’ve stayed on course in line with your stipulated financial obligations. We want to encourage you to not look at the current economic situation and continue to invest. Investing in real estate has been, and will continue to be the best buffer against economic uncertainty. Please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss issues regarding financial obligations and other payment-related options.

Our team of professional Clients Service personnel is always on standby to answer any question that you may have regarding anything stated in this newsletter or for general inquiries. To reach them, kindly send an email to clientservices@foreshorewaters.com or simply call 08149573602 from Monday – Friday, between 8am – 5pm or on Saturdays between 9am – 1pm.