What We Believe

Since its inception, Lekki Gardens has pioneered the delivery of affordable luxury homes in Lekki and our subscribers have watched their investment grow substantially in value. We have constructed and allocated hundreds of homes to them in a matter of months.
As questions have continuously arisen as regards our speedy delivery, solid returns on subscribers investment and our unique housing offerings and our exceptional pricing; we are delighted to introduce our set of beliefs that guides our decisions. Our decisions guide our actions and our actions determine our delivery and execution. These beliefs guide our approach to home delivery and everything we do.

We believe that your kids deserve the best in life

Best: Most Advantages, Suitable or Desirable
The quality of exposure we give to our kids is one of life’s best gifts. It determines how they see life and how well they do in life. Where, how and with whom we choose to live; have the greatest influence of exposure on our kids.
Our estates are designed with your kids safety and happiness during their formative years. Whether its our low fences to encourage friendship and some informality, plenty of public open spaces for their relaxation and playgrounds for them to meet their friends within the safety of the estate, we only want the best for them.

We believe that paying for your home should be convenient

Convenient: Fitting in well with a person’s need, activities and plans
We believe our purpose as a business is to make your life better, not harder; simpler and not more complicated. Paying for a home always requires a sacrifice and we believe we should make that sacrifice as convenient and affordable as possible. This guides our payment plan design and our search for ways to make the plans longer and even more affordable.

We believe your property investing should earn solid returns quickly

Returns: Gains from an investment
Every investor dreams to earn solid returns on their investment quickly and safely. Real estate offers investment safety because of its relative stability. However, solid returns over a short period is difficult to earn. As evidenced by how quickly our phase 1 rose from N4.5million per plot to over N13million in the last 15months, we believe you should earn solid returns quickly on your property investment. Our whole business model, off-plan sales and pricing schedule is designed to ensure you reap massive returns when you choose to partner with us to achieve your real estate investment goals.

We believe early subscribers of our homes are business partners and should be rewarded handsomely

Reward: Something given in recompense for worthy behaviour
Properties grow substantially in value as more and more development is achieved and more people express their interest. Our early subscribers make these kinds of value increase possible and as such we see them as business partners – very valuable business partners! As such we reward them handsomely with heavy discounts that ensure they enjoy massive sold returns on their investment with us.

We believe that quality infrastructure and houses can be delivered in a timely fashion

Timely: Done or occurring at a favourable or useful time
Timely delivery and successful execution create substantial value in property investing. Quality and speedy delivery is professional and eliminates waste. We believe a major place to create value in property investing is by delivering well and executing fast enough.
This value created through speedy and timely delivery ensures our early subscribers and other investors enjoy solid returns and capital growth on their property investments with us.

We believe that owning a home isn’t rocket science

Not Rocket Science: Not very complicated or difficult to understand
The process of owning a home in Nigeria can be pretty cumbersome. From purchase of land, selection of contractors, managing construction, site inspection e.t.c. can be tiring and filled with disappointments. We believe this is not the best. So, we continuously seek for better ways to help you own your home with as much ease as possible. Over the web, phone or a site visit, we strive to make it easy for you to learn about, inspect and purchase the home you always dreamed about with ease.

We believe that luxurious homes have become more affordable

Affordable: Reasonable, adequate in standard and does not cost much
Our mantra as a business is to seek out and drive out waste from the home delivery process. Such waste can account for as much as 40% of a real estate project. Once we find the waste and eliminate it, we transfer these savings to making homes more and more affordable to our customers. This simple objective of driving out waste and transferring these savings to our customers engenders our belief that luxury homes can be made more and more affordable.